About us

Castells.photo began as an innovative project principally aimed at higlighting the value of the beauty and spectacular nature of photographs of castells[JS1] , as well as the emotions and feelings that they transmit.  Each of the images on the gallery is a work of art in which quality and message take precedence. We don’t want these photographs to belong only to the world of castells, we want any person, group or media outlet to be able to access these images.

The photographs are intended and selected to higlight the value of the work that photojournalists, who are knowledgable about the world of castells and have professional experience, put into the moment they capture with their camera. It is not only taking a photograph, it is giving the image meaning, transmitting the values and emotions of castells, that makes it a work of art.


 “To take a photograph I need to get excited”

Cristina García Rodero


The world of photography in general, and photographing castells in particular, has been experiencing a boom over the last few years thanks to its spectacular nature and the fact that equipment and technology are becoming ever more accessible. Enthusiasts capture castells performances from all angles, focusing equally on both the large towers built by different groups and on the details of individual participants’ expressions. Some people are even capable of capturing moments that become art, beyond the limits of the event itself and the towers built there.

Now is the time to stop and admire photography in the world of castells and to understand the photojournalist’s point of view. To consider the technical and artistic details. When we enter an art gallery, we consider every perspective of the works that fascinate us. Now, it’s time to do the same with photographs of castells.

Mireia Comas (Andorra, 1976) and David Oliete (Tarragona, 1986), both shining examples in the world of castells photography and winners of various awards, take charge of the artistic direction of this project. They have taken spectacular photographs that have been seen around the world, internationalising the world of castells.


The most spectacular photos of castells, from castells.photo.